The Reason behind why luxury watches cost so much and why they are the best heirlooms

There is also the idea that these expensive watches have exorbitant selling prices without having anything amazingly different in them and they are costly due to their brand names only, say for example, Citizen Watches. The general public is often unaware of why these luxury watches cost so much and why are they treated with such reverence by their owners, especially the ones that have been passed on by the older generations. The luxury watches are treated as heirlooms to the next succeeding generations for several online platform for luxury watches online buyreasons. Read on to know why luxury watches cost so much and why they are quite a popular choice as heirloom.


Luxury watches, true to their name have always been quite sought after not only as status symbols but also as generational pieces that can be passed down. The primary reasons behind their great costs and their popularity are as follows.

1- Quality: One can always get a cheap knock off luxury watch on the street. It’s too easy and most        the time they have look the same and will cost a few dollars. But still discerning buyers         won’t buy those and you know why? Because there’s no guarantee that the watch will               barely last a day even. That kind of dangerous uncertainty won’t be found in a true luxurious            watch because it comes with a guarantee of high quality and precision.

2- Craftsmanship: Luxury watches like say, Rolex boasts of the finest watchmakers in their employ.        These fine craftsmen are often the greatest in their fields and are mostly generational watch           makers who have been making watches since generations. They were taught by their fathers    who were in turn taught by theirs and thus the art of watch making has become a fine           science that demands great talent and dedication. When such master craftsmen fashion a                 watch it naturally will cost a lot more than machine made watches.

3- Reputation or fame: Reputation or fame isn’t built in a day, it often take years and years of    providing the best quality to your buyers. Almost every luxury watch company enjoys that    fame owing to their years of great service only and nothing else. They have built their