5 Zero-Cost Spam Prevention Tools For All Situations!

Anyone who uses email knows what Spam is!

It’s annoying and time consuming to wade through volumes of
fraud, con and obscene emails to filter out the really important
ones. And I am sure you are affected by this menace in some
form or other.

How do we reduce this intolerable amounts of junk?

Here are 5 Zero-Cost tools to prevent junk cluttering your mail
box. (You can access them all from a single source and thehttps://Charlie-Day.com

info is given at the end of this article.)

–* For the Average Email User *–

1. Spam.N-Dream, – For the POP3 Mail user.

By far this is the easiest and effective solution for anyone
with a POP3 email ID. For e.g. you@aol.com.

Spam.n-dream.com is a web based service that retrieves all your
email for you and sends you only the emails from email ID’s that
are pre-authenticated by you. This means, no one can send you
an email unless you give prior permission.

This service is very effective – let me tell you that.

2. SpamPal, – The Desktop Solution

SpamPal is a program that sits between your email client and
your mailbox, checking your email as you retrieve it.