Sandwich Bird & Wildlife Tours

Sandwich Bird Tours was founded by John van der Dol in 1999. We are a very small company and specialise in birdwatching and wildlife holidays to exotic places for small groups.

Over several years our experience of organizing and leading successful tour groups has made it clear that while the birds are the main focus of attention, there are other factors that go towards making a successful trip. For many birdwatchers, a relaxed pace, the chance to savour some of the region's culture and good company before, during and after bird watching are essential elements of a trip abroad. More recently mammals have played a more important part in our travels and big cats and bears are now a feature of many of our tours.

This philosophy has been behind the success of our journeys to the Indian Subcontinent in particular.

Our trips to South Africa and Central and South America followed in much the same vein. The magic of the Andes, Machu Pichu and the Amazonian Forest will remain with us forever. Both Polar regions have provided unbelievable memories both in our hearts and our cameras.

Tiger Tours,  for birders and non-birders alike we have designed "Tiger Tours" - Join us and experience wild Tigers in India from a jeep or elephant back.

Imagine ... You are in the jungle. Exotic birds and the most beautiful butterflies all aound you. Trees covered in mosses, orchids and bromeliads. No cars or buildings in sight ...

OR ... You are out at sea. Birds are all around you and the only noises above the gentle chugging of the boat's engine are the gutteral sounds of the Albatrosses and Giant Petrels and the chattering of the Cape Pigeons, and the breaching of whales ...

OR ... The alarm call of a deer or monkey alerting others of the moving Tiger or Leopard, or the eery howling of a Jackal in the hills at dusk ...

OR... Do you fancy a safari in the world famous Kruger National Park in South Africa or Etosha in Namibia or may be a tour to Canada for the fishing Grizzlies on the Salmon run. May be Gorillas are more your thing.

OR... What about a cruise round the Antarctic or spotting Polar Bears in the Arctic...

And all these experiences with a group of like-minded friends!
If that interests you, read on ...

Of course you need not join a group. We can put you in contact with the right people abroad. Sandwich Bird Tours are now official UK representatives of Asian Adventures in Delhi, A Polar shipping company, African Safari Company etc. This makes it easier for potential clients to obtain information, assurances or to get help to plan your independent travel arounfd the world.

WE CAN BE FOUND ON THE ASIAN ADVENTURES STAND- Marquee 7 stand 6 (marquees have been renumbered but placing the same as always) on Friday August 17th-Sunday19th.