The Easy Way to Design Engagement Rings Online

outside of the proffered catalogue of rings, is also possible. What’s more if you are working with a professional and reliable jeweler, it can be quicker and easier than working with a jeweler in a physical store. Designing an engagement ring means that you can create a ring unlike any other, a ring that totally suits you or your intended’s tastes and preferences.

Here are some tips on how to design an engagement ring online:

Browse the internet using search terms such as ‘CAD engagement rings’ or ‘designing your own engagement rings’ to find those online jewelers who can offer a design your own ring service.

If possible, select a jeweler offering a CAD program for designing rings (CAD meaning computer aided design), it generally means that as a remote customer, you can create your ring online (with the advice of the jeweler if necessary) and end up with a really good idea of what the final ring will look like due to the CAD ‘blueprint’.

Check how your jeweler intends to work with you before you commit to the project. For example, it will be much easier and more secure to work with a jeweler who can offer you the gemstones you want in your ring.

Make sure you are happy with the terms of business and lines of communication. Consider the following:

Can you live chat, skype and email them?

Can you send through revisions to your engagement ring design?

How long will it take to create your ring?

Will they offer advice on ring metals, band width and https://WholnventedStuff.com shape, settings and stones?

What happens if you end up with a ring that you do not like?

Before you start designing your ring, decide what your preferences are for:

Budget – know what you want to spend and work with your online jeweler to work out exactly what stones, metals and designs your budget will stretch too – BEFORE YOU START!

Ring metals – will she or he like traditional gold, practical platinum, hard-wearing titanium or budget-saving stainless steel? Consider what works with his or her lifestyle.