Samsung Printer Having Issues

Corner folding paper can be a major cause of paper jams in all types or designs of printers.

Improper loading

When inserting papers into the printer, all paper sizes should be set so that they do not affect any printing process and will damage the feeder.

Overfilling of paper

Paper trays should never be overloaded or filled with a significant amount of paper. Overload over time can cause a paper jam problem in the tray printer repair.

Fox printer

Clean the printer periodically, dust in a paper tray or jam inside th e samsung printer.

Overcurrent flow

It is advised that the power supply (voltage) to your printer should be from a dedicated circuit, as it will maintain and maintain a steady level of power to the samsung printer, thus preventing paper jams printer repair .

Using the wrong tray

Each model of the printer has paper trays of different dimensions and different sizes, so the tray must be for a specific model and avoid the problem of paper jam samsung printer repair dubai .

Stock in product tray area

It is always advisable to keep the output tray clear to prevent stock up.

Printer status