How to Build A Successful Crowdfunding App: Must-Have Features and Approach

These crowdfunding leaders already had funded some loud projects, such as Poweregg drone raised $15 million on JD, whereas fingerprint smart lock inventor Kaadas received $4.5 million funding through Taobao.


What You Should Know to Build a P2P Crowdfunding App

There are things you should know before you learn how to create a successful crowdfunding app. So, before sailing off, let’s understand the basics:

It isn’t rocket science to build a peer-to-peer crowdfunding app; you need theand right mindset and arsenal to break through the fear of jargons, FinTech regulations, and development.

Mobile platform – It depends on your target audience. You can pick among iOS and Android or create your crowdfunding app for both mobile platforms. If most of your intended users are on one mobile platform, it’s better for you to launch your app’s MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for the single platform and test your app idea. This will significantly reduce your initial investment.

Off-the-shelf softwares – There are several ready-made software crowdfunding solutions available in the market that allow you to shorten your journey to launch your crowdfunding app. However, these solutions are more targeted to small communities and events. On a grander scale, these off-the-shelf software solutions fail to deliver the promises.