Cooling bed of seamless steel pipe production line

Seamless steel pipe production line is mainly single-chain type cooling bed cooling bed, a double-stranded cooling bed, the new chain cooling bed, stepping rack cooling bed, screw-type cooling bed.1, single-chain cooling bedMore use of single-chain cooling bed climbing structure. Cooling bed and fixed by Efficiency Heating
Cooling the forward rail transport chain composed of a set of transmission. Placed between two steel dial grip forward transport chain, fixed steel rails bear the weight of the body. Single chain cooling bed transport chain finger means of the forward thrust friction of the steel pipe and the fixed rail to generate rotary motion, while relying on the weight of steel and the angle of lift, the steel pipe is always abutted against the forward transport chain finger, achieve a smooth pipe rotation.


2, double-stranded cooling bedDuplexes cooling bed transport chain from the forward and reverse transport chains, positive and negative chain of transmission of each set. Placed between two steel dial grip forward transport chain, the reverse chain bear weight steel body. Duplexes cooling bed transport chain use the forward thrust of the steel pipe pulling claw run forward, using the inverse chain steel pipe friction generated continuous rotary motion. Reverse chain movement also makes steel always leaning forward transport chain, finger, smooth rotation and uniform cooling.

3, the new chain cooling bedA combination of single-stranded and double-stranded cooling bed features cooling bed, cooling bed into the uphill sections and downhill sections. The uphill sections of the transport chain by the forward and reverse transport chain consisting of a double-stranded structure, positive and negative together to make steel continues to rotate forward, doing sport climbing. Downhill section of the forward transport chain and single-stranded structures arranged in parallel steel rails, relying on weight to achieve rotation, do landslide movement.

4, stepping rack cooling bedStepping rack cooling bed bed composed by two racks, assembled in a fixed beam, called static rack, another assembly in moving the beam, called the move a rack. L The agency action, moving the pipe rack will hold up the rise, due to an inclined angle, steel rolling when it is lifted once along the tooth. Move up to the highest gear position, stepping body movements so that the moving direction of the rack to the cooling bed one step away from the output. Lifting mechanism continues to operate, drive and move the rack dropped into a given rack alveolar steel, steel toothed rack along a fixed rolling once again, after moving back to the initial position of the rack, complete a cycle.